Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Thirteen- 13 Things Chatting in My Purse (Mama Kat's Prompts)

Mama's Losin' It 

So, my coffeepot broke this morning.  Yeah, right as I was preparing to brew up a pot of Starbucks.   I blame this catastrophe for my crazy idea to combine two memes into one today.  That's right, I said it.  TWO memes into ONE.  Livin' on the wild side, that's me.

 One of this week's prompts from Mama Kat asks;
5.) What do the contents of your handbag/purse “say” about you?

I'm reaching into the black hole otherwise known as my purse to give you
13 Things in My Purse and What They May Say About Me
(please be nice purse, I'm feeling rather delicate and caffeine deprived).

  1. "She fears her greatest storyline, blog post, or poetry will come to her as she's mindlessly shopping at BJ's so she carries me with her.  I'm rather oversized.  Apparently she thinks she will have a lot to write down.  So far I only contain an old blog post, plans for the next school year, and notes for her VBS script." -Spiral Notebook

  2. "I just had a makeover.  I used to be all brown and comfy and full of her favorite things.  Now I am bright and girly and I describe her well, 'She kept her nose in a book...and her head in the clouds.' She longs for me daily and wishes she could spend more time with me.  Regardless, I'm always here when she needs me.  Except for when she forgets to recharge me.  But I'm not bitter." -Nook with 75% off Kate Spade Cover.

  3. "Sometimes, she sweats.  I know, girls aren't supposed to sweat.  But she hates to smell like a man so she has me.  I'm a fruity girl smell in a mini package.  I keep her cool.  I think she appreciates that." -Dove Ultimate gofresh Mini Deodorant

  4. "She thought she lost me but really I was just buried in the recesses of this thing, underneath her better loved items.  I see how it is.  She loves to turn me on everyone else but hates when I'm turned her way.  Although she's always hopeful that just maybe I'll be kind to her and give her something she loves.  We have this love/hate relationship." -Digital Camera

  5. "She's done with me but she needs me around to write her review.  I remind her of her age, which she dislikes, but I'm still in her head a day or two after finishing me, which is the sign of a good book.  She likes me but I made her brain hurt in ways.  Scratch that, I think it was her heart." -The book 40 by Travis Thrasher

  6. "I am absolutely adored.  She listens to me often and knows me well.  I make her smile and dance and sing.  She loves me and those who created me!"- Beautiful Tuesday CD

  7. "I'm all about saving money! I'm filled with savings on things her family loves and she carries with me so she won't forget about me.  I'm important to her and help her care for family. Sadly, she tears pieces of me out and gives them away.  But I'm glad to be used. It gives me purpose." -BJ's Coupon Book

  8. "She needs me more than anything else in her purse.  I'm the one who belongs. The expected.  I hold what's most important.  I just wish she wouldn't empty me out so quickly!" -Wallet

  9. "I hold the words closest to her heart, as well as some that have come straight from her own.  I used to be a beautiful lime green but I've been used and abused and am looking a little worse for wear.  She needs me and should remember to spend time with me more often!" -Small Moleskin notebook with Scripture verses and NaNo novel ideas.

  10. "She has no idea whose I used to be but I was left on her dresser for so long, she claimed me like a lost orphan.  I help her to avoid anymore crow's feet and add a stylish look.  She's fond of me, but I'm easily replaced."-Sunglasses

  11. "Apparently she's REALLY worried about smelling like a man.  I'm the twin to #3.  I don't think she even knew we both existed.  Surprise! I'll let you analyze this one all on your own." -Dove gofresh Mini Deodorant (Take Two)

  12. "I'd love it if she took better care of me.  You know, an actual case or bottle would be nice.  But no, she just shoved me a plastic baggie and shoved me in her purse.  Usually she shoves me in her mouth when she's miserable.  It's a sad life for me.  But I do help her feel better." -Tylenol

  13. "She has two sets of us as well, but at least it's on purpose this time.  We're both much loved.  One of us is orange and creamy and firey and fits her idiot savant type character.  The other is purple and grey and cool, a perfect match for her valorous bard.  Sometimes she takes us out and rolls us around in her hand, just for fun.  I have a feeling we may be replaced at some point though.  She seems to have a thing for finding new ones." -Polyhedral Dice Sets
What would the items in your purse say about you?

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Chris King said...

So this totally well organized heavy is it? Great post!

Holly said...

What a fun, fun post! You can never have too many sticks of deoderant around - I can't believe I don't have one (or two or three) in my purse with all the sweating I do! :) Happy Thursday!

Lori said...

@Chris Oh, it's not in any way organized. It's shoved. And yeah, it's just a tad on the heavy side!

@Holly I just need to remember I have this in my purse. The world will be a happier place! ;-)

Alice Audrey said...

Some day I'll own a cell phone that will do all of this.

Jen said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing! I'm too embarrassed by what's in my purse, it's a HOLY MESS!

Lori said...

@Alice Audrey I own a cell phone that will do most of this (maybe not the deodorant, but pretty much everything else). Yet I still carry all of this too. Sigh. The cell phone dice just don't have the same feel, what can I say! ;)

@Jen Yeah, mine's not all big with the clean either. I just didn't want to hear what the dirty tissues had to say! ;D

Mary Quast said...

I don't carry a purse much... I have a handmade bag. I need it to carry all the items hubby and kids hand to me or that we might need at the sporting event we're going to.

Great post! Happy TT!

Pearl said...

What a creative take.

My ipod says to others sarcastically, ooh, yes, I can beam you to the next century.

My wallet says, Why do I feel so empty inside?

Pen # 1: Do you feel dry? I feel dry.

Pen # 2: Do you feel like skipping too?

Pen # 3: Will you guys stop scratching and write this down? Arg, a refill over here please.

Pen # 4: Thumbs nib at the others.

Notebook: Did I ask you to get me wet? Did I? How am I to be of use when you treat me so badly? I take and I take...

Fish Light: Did a little deeper babe. I'm down here and could flash for you if you find me underneath all this detritus.

TerriG said...

This has got to be the coolest writing prompt. Now I am sad I missed this one. I have some very interesting thins in my purse and they say many things about me.
I usually find a stretchy bug or a few army guys in mine.

Nicola O. said...

What an adorable post. Too fun!


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