Monday, November 15, 2010

Chris Tomlin's "And if Our God is for Us..." Album

My Thoughts: Already familiar with the name of Chris Tomlin, I was more than excited to have the opportunity to review his newest release, And if Our God is for Us. I must admit that although I enjoy many of Tomlin's songs, I did not yet actually own one of his CD's.  This will no longer be the case as this album has made me a definite fan.
The title track, Our God, is one I recognized from the Beth Moore conference I attended in October.  I had no idea this was a Chris Tomlin song at the time.  What I did know is that it was a powerful battle cry with the chorus, "And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, then who can stand against?" and that I wanted to sing this in our church.  So when this was the first song on the album, I squeed.  Literally.  Like this, "Sqqqqqqquuueeeeeeeee!".  

The whole album is excellent and encourages my heart and spirit as I listen.  Highlights for me include Our God (obviously), No Chains on Me, I Lift My Hands, and Awakening.

Head on over to Chris Tomlin's site and listen to the clips.  If you like what you hear, pick up the album from Amazon, iTunes, or your favorite online or local music store! 

*Disclosure: I received a copy of this album at no cost in exchange for an honest review.  A positive review was not required.*

Press Release:  "NASHVILLE, TN....OCT. 14, 2010......With nine No. 1 radio singles, three GRAMMY nominations, 16 Dove Awards, a platinum and two gold albums to his credit, Chris Tomlin is among the most well-known and influential artists in contemporary Christian music. On November 16th, on the heels of celebrating the RIAA Gold Status of 2008s HELLO LOVE,  Tomlin will deliver his seventh recording for sixstepsrecords, "AND IF OUR GOD IS FOR US... ". The album's first single, "I Will Follow," is already Top 10 on Christian AC.

For the first time in his career, Tomlin recorded at his home base outside Atlanta, where he recently renovated a cabin into a studio next to his house.   This made the recording process much more personal for Tomlin as he created eleven worshipful and powerful tracks, once again partnering with the legendary Ed Cash (Matthew West, Bebo Norman, David Crowder*Band) as well as exploring new musical avenues with Dan Muckala (Amy Grant, MercyMe, The Afters).

As many will realize, the title comes from Tomlin's #1 song from the PASSION: AWAKENING live CD, "Our God," and as Tomlin explains, the title is one that wasn't his first choice, but kept coming back to him.  "For the longest time I had a different title for the album, but at the end of the day, I really came back to 'And if Our God is for Us.' I just love that statement. It's just so strong.  Every night in concert when we get to the part of the song where we sing 'if our God is for us,' it's amazing to see what happens, to see so many people rise up in that statement.  If you really believe in God, you know that everything is possible. Anything can happen. Miracles can happen. All things are available to you no matter what you're going through, no matter what you're facing, no matter what is coming against you. Life comes against all of us but you know God is for you. That's straight from the scripture. It's not just my thought. It's not just my idea or opinion. The scripture tell us 'if God is for you then who can be against you.' I love the hope that is in that statement. I think when people see that in the stores and they pick it up or they see it online, hopefully it just instantly takes them to that idea--'God is for me today!'" 

sixstepsrecords, EMI Christian Music Group and EMI Christian Music Publishing recently  honored Tomlin for HELLO LOVE's Gold certification at his studio in Atlanta and treated select radio, retail and media VIPs to a sneak preview of "AND IF OUR GOD IS FOR US...".

Touring throughout the country this fall, Tomlin will hit numerous U.S. cities with fellow sixstepsrecords' NEW artist Kristian Stanfill and will also play in Vancouver for the Passion World Tour.  This Christmas season he will once again tour GLORY IN THE HIGHEST with Passion Movement and sixstepsrecords' founder Louie Giglio on several dates in December, and then in the spring will begin the nationwide "AND IF OUR GOD IS FOR US… Tour," featuring Louie Giglio, Christy Nockels and others.   For tour dates and more, please visit 
About Chris Tomlin:
With six records, nine No. 1 radio singles, three GRAMMY nominations, 16 Dove Awards, a platinum and two gold albums to his credit, Chris Tomlin is among the most well-known and influential artists in contemporary Christian music. Referred to by Time Magazine as “most likely the most often sung artist anywhere,” Tomlin also has 15 of the Top 100 CCLI songs with 4 of them being in the top 10. ASCAP’s 2007 Songwriter of the Year, Tomlin’s “How Great Is Our God” was his first No. 1 on the CCLI Top 25, moving to No. 1 after becoming one of the fasting rising modern day hymns in CCLI chart history. In addition to having sold more than 3.1 million albums and over 3.7 million digital tracks, Tomlin made history as his single “Jesus Messiah” (Hello Love) garnered 97 adds at radio its first week and skyrocketed to No. 1, making it the biggest ever add date in Christian Radio history. In the midst of his record breaking success, and continuing his role as worship leader at Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA, Tomlin continues touring and leading at Passion Conference gatherings across the US and worldwide.  "


Shasta said...

I love Chris Tomlin and can't wait to get this cd!

Lizzie said...

Good to know, in my Amazon wishlist. :)

Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...

We Are singing the main song of this CD on Sunday at church!

Hi Lori,

I am wondering if you could list my homeschool giveaway on your blog? I am giving away Step By Step Spanish. I'd be willing to return the favor!

[email protected]

Lori said...

Janet- I love your blog name and the coffee references by the way! I'm swamped at the moment but I did promote your giveaway via Twitter. Hope that helps! :-D


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