Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trigger Memory Systems: Clean & Flip Charts and Times Tales

Trigger Memory Systems have created great tools to help frazzled parents! Their Clean & Flip charts help parents train their children to help with housework in a fun and organized way while Times Tales uses pictures and story to help children remember the more difficult multiplication facts.

The Clean & Flip charts include Zone Cleaning For Kids, Bedroom Cleaning For Kids, and Laundry For Kids. Zone Cleaning is a full color, laminated chart that takes your child step by step through the cleaning process. Even young children can follow the picture clues to help them remember the next step. Your child can check off each completed task with a dry erase marker (included with the chart!) which can then be erased when finished and reused the next time. There is even space for Mom to write in added or household specific jobs, as well as specific times for each job if desired. You can purchase Zone Cleaning for $17.95.

The Bedroom Cleaning and Laundry For Kids charts are spiral bound as well, but do not include laminated, write on pages. They do have pictures and step by step instructions . The Bedroom Cleaning chart uses the basket method for sorting through and putting away bedroom items. The Laundry For Kids teaches children how to sort, wash, dry, and fold laundry. They can follow the chart step by step, flipping the pages as each step in completed. They are available individually for $7.95 each or packaged with the Zone Cleaning for $29.95.

Sometimes children want to help but honestly don't know where to begin. Sometimes their version of clean is very different than the parents. These charts would be very helpful in making expectations clear and in laying them out in an easy to follow manner. This could be a huge help in cutting down the frustration level between child and parent when it comes to chores!

Times Tales is another great instructional tool from Trigger Memory. It's a mnemonic based program that teaches the upper times tables through story and pictures. It consists of a spiral bound flip chart that contains black and white drawings of numbers in different story illustrations. The combination of picture and story helps cement the math fact into the brain. It's somewhat difficult to explain, so I will share the sample picture from their website.

Times Tales is a product I already own and enjoyed. I am not a math person. As I've stated in previous reviews, I am more right brain oriented and most of my children take after me. Even as an adult, I have difficulty recalling the higher math facts. I learned right along with my children as we went through this program. It was quick, fun, and it works. My only complaint would be that I would love to see it published in full color, as this would make it even more appealing to right brain learners.

There have been improvements made since we purchased this product. It now comes spiral bound with a full color cover and includes helpful extras. You get the flipchart and an instruction manual which includes multiplication and division flashcards, story discussion guide, and a cube game for $29.95. I noticed on their web site that they also have a mini-flip chart available to add for $5 more. Cute!

Since this is a product I already own, I am excited to announce my first blog giveaway! Leave me a comment letting me know why you think these products would be great for your family and be entered to win Times Tales, Zone Cleaning For Kids Flip Chart, Bedroom Cleaning For Kids Flip Chart, and Laundry For Kids Flip Chart. A winner will be drawn randomly on December 18th. Mention this giveaway on your blog for an extra chance to win (just leave a second comment linking your blog post).



Hidden Jewel said...

The Zone Cleaning one sounds like just what my kids need. It seems like I have to stand there and organize their cleaning effort for them before they can make any progress.

Heidemarie said...

Thanks for a very thorough review. It makes it easier to decide what we want / need. Of course now I'll have to wait to see if I win before I buy.


[email protected]

carpenter said...

I have been trying to find ways to help my kids not only clean their rooms but how to KEEP them clean. The reviews sound wonderful.

[email protected]

charrison said...

The cleaning books look like they would be a great help to my kids and to me keeping them on track!

weareborgswife said...

This would be great for my son b/c he gets overwhelmed when cleaning and having the smaller tasks to complete in stages- love it!

L Brons said...

I've looked at these several times wondering if they were worth it. Thank you for the thoughtful review and the chance to win. If we aren't so luckily, they will definitely go on our wish list. -Lynne

bluehydrangea at gmail dot come

kathy said...

The times table looks like just what I need for my daughter who has language disorders and needs alot of visual to connect and learn.


[email protected]

mjf said...

My son would greatly benefit from both these things! He is working hard on his times tables and getting better, but still has a little trouble with those pesky higher ones which Times Tales focuses on. I haven't been able to afford to buy Times Tales because of a recent very long unemployment. The cleaning ones would be great also because I think he will do better with a step-by-step explanation. Thank you for the reviews and a chance to win the products!

mjf said...

Sorry, I probably should have left my email address on my comment previously.

[email protected]


CandyScraps said...

Oh wow - we are working hard to teach our children how to keep their rooms neat. This would truly be a Godsend to win. :) I get so very frazzled with the day after day of it.
Thanks for the fabulous blog candy!

Debi said...

I would love a chance to win any of these products. My son has trouble with organized cleaning while my daughter cries each day at math time because she struggles so with the Times Tables. I have considered the Times Tables program before but have never been able to get a copy in my hands to look at. Thanks for the opportunity!! Great blog!!

Kaye said...

Thank you for the reviews-we are a new homeschool family, so I appreciate all the tips I can get on these things. The Trigger memory Systems: Clean and flip charts and Times tales would be great for our children. They are in their kinder years and we are beginning to establish how they can be helpful to me in the daily chores. I would love to implement these into our home.

Stace said...

You mean..there are books out there that help children learn how to clean?!?! *skies open up, light shines down and angels sing* WHERE have I been???? LOL.
Seriously, I just got done cleaning and organizing my kids rooms...again...because they just don't "see" the mess..having something that would help them would be wonderful...more than wonderful..maybe even..fantabulous :-P
Even the times book looks awesome, Im working with my third grade daughter with times tables right now..and she is SO right brained it's not funny. Anything that would help would be appreciated :-P

Stace said...


Crickett said...

We have the Bedroom Cleaning for Kids and would love to have more of their products! My two older girls have learned the system so well they do not need the flip chart now. So, my 5y.o. gets to use it all the time. :-D

Crickett Brown
wife to Michael (10/92)
SAHM/WAHM to Erin (1/2/98), Holly (10/12/00), Claire (8/13/03) & Wesley (12/29/05)

W said...

We love the Trigger Memory system Zone Cleaning and bedroom cleaning.

I just wish that it was broken down to even smaller steps with check lists.

My very visual learners think that this makes things easier.


Jennifer said...

This sounds fabulous for our family! We have 4 children (ages 3-12) and so I have found that keeping everything organized is a real challenge for us. I have tried various other programs. Right now we are using index cards and a "schedule". It seemed to work for the first 2 weeks and now the cards are a lovely adornment on my table! LOL And I have anxious to see the Times Tales - my oldest still struggles with her times tables and I am looking for a new approach! Thanks for the review - I really enjoyed it!

hehasbeengood7 said...

I would love to have the Zone Cleaning. I purchased the Trigger Memory Upper Times Tables book. It was so simple and my daughter caught on so quickly. If the cleaning triggers work as well as the upper times tables does...I sure do want it. That is an area where she struggles so much in. (hhmmm! so do I!)
Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Melissa said...

Thanks for this chance to win something useful. My daughter could use either the Zone Cleaning or Bedroom chart.
[email protected]

Michelle said...

My kids have such a difficult time remembering what to do when cleaning. I bet they would love these. Also my son will be learning Multiplication this year so this will help!

bethalice said...

Oh my, I need the Zone Cleaning so bad (or the other ones on cleaning). My children got a lecture just a bit ago about not helping me around the house. My children would love these books, just to save them from another lecture! LOL

bethalice said...

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Zone Cleaning, Trigger Memory...times do I pick? I have wanted them all at the curriculum fairs. :)

Marni said...

Love the sound of the cleaning charts

Anonymous said...

Lori, These are great resources!
Pack of Hungry Snails referred me to your site. Reviewing the curriculum you run across is a great idea! thanks for all your effort.
It seems that even though some of these resources are geared for younger children, I could easily incorporate them with my elder children with the hopes they are so simply laid out, it will seem very easy and doable for them. This will greatly help in creating better habits for them. The Times book is really perfect for any age! My two sons can benefit from this. Even my teenager who refuses to memorize the multiplication table. I think the process seems too daunting and boring. I love incorporating stories into our learning experience to give the ideas more grounding, so this really sounds great for us!
thanks for the fun Bloggy Give-Away.
I will be doing one on my site soon, too. Still trying to figure out what to give away. :P

Clemencia said...

These books will help so much with cleaning and organizing in our house, since I am the only one doing everything here :)

Jill said...

I have 3 daughter's and they could all benefit from this!

I like what I've read so far of the Trigger Memory Systems.

Lori said...

(COMMENT MOVED FROM PERSONAL BLOG,I need to be clearer on where to comment next time! My bad!)

After spending months banging my head against a wall trying to figure out how to get my daughter to memorize her times tables, I bought Times Tales. In two hours (on an RV trip no less!) she memorized them using this curriculum. My head feels a lot better. -Domestic Goddess

Lori said...

(COMMENT MOVED FROM PERSONAL BLOG,I need to be clearer on where to comment next time! My bad!)

The Cleaning For Kids series looks really neat. I bet Xuan and I would get a lot of use out of them. - hai-kah-uhk

GE is me said...

The times tales would be great to hang on to, since my girls are only 3 1/2. But the Zone cleaning? Flylady talks about zone cleaning & that way maybe we ALL could get it; mom included. So I think this would be wonderful to win. -Gail

Robyn said...

I have two little boys who are pretty good at cleaning when told to do so, but they can always use some fun encouragement! My 5 year old is expressing interest in learning times tables so this would be a great tool.
Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Shasta said...

I think Times Tales may be good for Jordan as he has already started with 2s 10s and 5s :) I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas, I have had a hard time keeping up with you while here in NC but plan to comment more when I am back home!

PS Love the giveaway idea :)

Anonymous said...

My kids need some help on cleaning.

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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